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>> something people are going to be doing all day long today. >> which is? >> across the eastern third of the united states is saying where were you when it started shaking? >> where were you? >> i was driving. i didn't feel a thing. >> you didn't? >> nope. >> 17th floor, i felt my chair move and i thought either somebody is grabbing me and rocking me which would have been a wonderful surprise. >> where's cavuto? >> it's true. he has a history of this or something big is happening. >> did you know it was an earthquake? >> you know what? i've been in los angeles so i was in about three of them so definitely felt familiar. the other thing was a little bit later, i had a shoot where ground zero once was, world trade center, you want to see people freaked out. to see people, everybody outside and then talking saying here we go again. >> it was a little nerve-racking and i was at my house, my big brick structure. we begin this story, obviously, entire east coast is talking about this morning, 5.8.
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it was like 6.0 and then they got to 5.8 magnitude earthquake that left millions of people shaken up and down the east coast. peter doocy is live from washington, d.c. with the latest. peter, where were you? >> i was in my car that i just started and i thought that the engine was going to blow. i didn't know what was going on. but juliet, i'm tell you the ground was shaking after lunch time. it was 1:51 p.m. to be exact. since it's 2 1/2 weeks before the 10th anniversary of september 11th, a lot of people thought the trembling was terror related and not something seismic. >> the ground shook significantly. i wasn't initially clear what was happening. there was relatively two earthquakes in washington and frankly, given the upcoming anniversary of 9/11, my first thought was something far more severe than a tremor might have happened. >> the epicenter of this earthquake was mineral, virginia, 40 miles northwest of richmond. for some perspective, the 5.8
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magnitude earthquake releases half the power of the atomic bomb that knocked out hiroshima. there were some injuries but authorities say nobody died which is good. it's also good that the two nuclear reactors at the north and a power station in the same county as the epicenter were taken off line by security systems, a much bigger potential crisis was averted there. a bunch of schools in virginia and maryland are going to be closed today. so are some federal buildings in d.c., places where they need to survey the damage again today. same goes for the washington monument. there were reports yesterday of a big crack at the top of the washington monument which is 555 feet tall. it's apparently structurally sound today but the park service is going to double check that before they let anybody back inside, you guys. >> peter, as i know -- as employees left, they were told to get out of the buildings there on capitol hill. hundreds if not thousands went where? >> they went to the bars. there are a lot of bars around there and you know, a lot of the guys that work on the hill since
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the house and senate are in recess, their bosses are out of town and it doesn't sound like they thought they were going to go back. some bars were running out of beer and some other bars when they realized all these people were looking to drink in the middle of the day started some specials just yesterday only, so i guess we're going to have to see if they do that if there's a big aftershock. >> if you look at the list of earthquake preparedness, they say in case of an earthquake, run to the bar. and people are paying attention. >> thank you very much. >> right. >> peter, yeah, i was driving through jersey city, not that long after and there were people streaming out of the path station there, pretty close to ground zero under the hudson river and they were going to the bars. nerve-racking. >> speaking of streaming out of buildings, these are images out of lower manhattan today. after they evacuated, they stopped everybody from getting married down at the marriage bureau in southern new york. >> that's not a good sign. >> some couples are having second thoughts. >> look at this, a sight on
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broadway. that is a woman walking with her small son and just behind her is somebody pushing a crib down broadway as some of the buildings were evacuated. across new york city. >> the buildings here, you know, most of them -- not most of them but a significant number of them are not fitted, you know, retrofitted for earthquakes like they are in california. they're old buildings and a lot of them are brick buildings especially downtown. you don't want to be in those things. >> so there you got panic, panic and where was the president? he was golfing. >> well, there he is right there in massachusetts, martha's vineyard. he paused for a conference call at farm neck golf club and then proceeded to play one more hour of golf. >> but he's allowed to go on vacation. the other thing is when there's a problem, i always say if i sense something is coming on, let me go find the giraffes and hear what the elephants say and that's what happened. the first warning for the earthquake was seen -- really was discovered at the national
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zoo. it seems as though 15 minutes before the earthquake, the animals started acting crazy. >> that's what they say. they say dogs start to walk around and get all aflutder. -- aflutter. >> there's a critter at the national zoo called the red roughed lemur, apparently 15 minutes ahead of time, started alarm calling. >> we're looking for the lemur. >> then you have the orangutan letting out some guttural hollers and all the flamingoes clung together which is interesting. >> together they had 11. >> there you go. if you want to know trouble is coming, stare at the animals. if they start going crazy, i don't know how they're supposed to react, though. >> the zookeepers are imperative to us. >> exactly. >> we'll get to some headlines today. serious weather story on the horizon. following this a little bit later. hurricane irene heading to the
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bahamas. the storm intensified to a strong cat 2. people are in north carolina -- people in north carolina, high alert. some towns being evacuated there. people are stocking up on water and all the necessary things that you need, flashlights and so forth. preparing for a possible hit. it could happen sometime this weekend. and we, of course, will bring you a live report on hurricane irene later on in the hour. the battle over alabama's tough new immigration law heads to court today. the u.s. justice department calls the law unconstitutional. civil rights groups want to block it before it goes into effect on september 1st. alabama officials hope the law will drive illegal workers out of the state and open up jobs to unemployed citizens. the new law makes it almost impossible for illegal immigrants to live and work in the state. casey anthony is back in the news. he says she got away with murder. a jury in the casey anthony is speaking out for the first time. the jury who did not reveal his name called casey a "horrible person" and says none of the jurors liked her.
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he also says he regrets not convicting casey when given the chance. the juror speaking out on the same day she appeals her check fraud case in florida. scary moment. watch this at the reagan library yesterday. former first lady nancy reagan loses her balance a bit. she doesn't hit the ground. thanks to super rubio! i mean congressman marco rubio! >> you heard the crowd gasp as florida republican braced mrs. reagan's fall. reagan was not hurt. rubio went on to deliver a speech at the event. >> wow, great grab. >> got a little teary eyed at one point by the way. talking about his family and, you know, his parents left cuba during the castro regime. and it was, you know -- >> very well received and i understand he's not running from people when they say v.p.?
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it's flattering. let's talk about libya because yesterday staggeringly from one of the best albums of baghdad bob, muammar qaddafi came out from wherever he is and put out a radio message and his message quite intriguing if you like spin. tactically, we retreated. it's all going according to plan, muammar said. >> there you see some of the rebels in his compound. this would be akin to people taking over the white house or buckingham palace and there they are, they went in, we saw pictures yesterday about people wearing his hat and kicking his statues down. also, qaddafi vowed victory or death for him. there is bad news regarding all of this. you love to see the rebels conclude a dictator out of his jobs. for years, he had a nuclear weapons program and he amassed between 500 and 900 tons of raw yellow cake which is one of the
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components of atomic bombs. he's got that. he's got 11 tons of mustard gas. he's got rpg's and he's got all of these things that bad guys over in the middle east would love to get their hands on. >> we were tapped into where that stuff was and they were destroying some of those weapons but the system to destroy it broke down and all of a sudden, we're not so sure where all of this is. not what we want in the hand of any bad guys. >> nato or the arab league who signed on for the no-fly zone and said they were going to help us should get on the ground and start looking around themselves because if we want this stuff taken care of. if we want -- if we want to make sure chaos doesn't ensue or try to prevent it, we'll have to find a way to not get through a spyglass. i understand we don't want to be occupying another country but at this point, i think we're the only ones that know how to do this. >> right. you know, i think i would rather have the libyan guards have control of them rather than the rebels because you don't know who the rebels are. >> right. the libyans have trouble loading
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a gun. i don't know if they know how to get rid of mustard gas. >> we have dominique who is joining us live from across the border from libya in tunisia with the very latest. good day to you. >> good morning to you. yes, we are now hearing from the national transition counsel that they are trying to negotiate with pro qaddafi supporters in his hometown to see whether they will surrender. that's what their main focus is on today with regard to activity outside of tripoli. however, rebel commanders inside tripoli are saying the battle for capital is by no means over. it will not be over, says one rebel leader, until qaddafi and his sons are captured. after they raid another town and qaddafi didn't appear to be there and his sons didn't appear to be arrested by rebels as we were led to believe on sunday and monday, we have no idea how long exactly it will take them but the hunt still goes on for qaddafi and his family. we are hearing that rebels have discovered a network of tunnels underneath the capital that have
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been built in recent years. they aren't sure whether he's actually hiding inside those tunnels in the city or in danger of a series of safe houses that was set up apparently as long ago as 3 1/2 years. a new series of safe houses were apparently set up by his security detail in the event of any uprising and so really, it's a house-to-house search effectively is what rebels need to do across the capital while simultaneously trying to negotiate with pro qaddafi forces in his hometown to make sure he doesn't have a safe haven there. the hunt for qaddafi has truly started. that's the feel today, guys. >> thank you very much. >> you had to think he anticipated something like this would happen eventually some day as crazy as he is, he's probably able to plan for this type of thing. >> we'll see. he's also, a lot of people think that met him recently he's a little out of it. >> lebron james afraid of heights?
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so did he make the jump? we'll show you. >> then we haven't heard a lot from mitt romney these days. rick perry steals the spotlight politically. what's going on here? dick morris who has led many political campaigns joins us next. you're watching "fox & friends" on wednesday. [ female announcer ] so you think your kids are getting enough vegetables? maybe not. v8 v-fusion juice gives them a full serving of vegetables plus a full serving of fruit. but it just tastes like fruit. [ male announcer ] get five dollars in money-saving coupons at fiber one. h, forgot jack cereal. [ jack ] what's for breakfast? um...
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>> welcome back. about 15 minutes after the hour. he may have taken a back seat in the media lately but not in the polls. watch this. according to a new gallup poll, if the presidential election were held today, wednesday, g.o.p. frontrunner mitt romney would defeat president obama plus right after president obama announces his jobs plan in
6:16 am
september, mitt romney will scoot in and he's going to release his own so is mitt romney's campaign about to heat up? joining us right now is dick morris, former advisor to president bill clinton and fox news contributor. great to see you, mr. morris. >> hey, juliet. good to be here. >> good to have you. the democrats made -- had a lot of fun with mitt romney talking about the mitt protection program and he's come out and he's had a lot of events and a lot of fund raisers. it's kind of been behind-the-scenes sort of stuff. when is he going to come out and see the mitt romney presidential candidate or have we? >> romney's advantage is he's been out there four years ago and the only one of the candidates running this year who actually run last time. and the result is people know him. he has a base of support. most polls have him ahead in the republican nomination. there was one poll right after perry came in which showed perry
6:17 am
ahead but he'll probably fall back into the pack and romney will continue to be the leader. the key thing -- >> so perry you think is going to start to move back. why do you say that? >> well, he only moved up because he had just announced and it was a sudden thing and everybody was focusing on him. i think that romney will resume his status as the frontrunner. i think that's the natural contour of the race. the thing about this race, juliet, is that in all of these contests, you have to advance in stealth. it's a little bit like being an airplane. if they see you, they'll shoot you down and the only way that you can survive is by being stealth so that they can't see you on the radar. >> but american voters need to know who this guy is and who his policies are. he's strategizing properly you're saying? >> he is. right now, everybody is looking at perry and he's taking some flak. he's taking some hits. if palin gets into the race,
6:18 am
everyone will be looking at palin. numb remember when obama got the nomination, everybody was looking at hillary and not obama. >> why doesn't every candidate hold back and wait in the wings to pounce a little bit later? >> they should. they should. mccain got the nomination because everybody was looking at romney, huckabee and giuliani. you can't take the scrutiny of the media in american politics directly. it will destroy you. and what you need to do is have somebody else out there ahead of you and romney has had trump, huckabee, mitch daniels, perry, he may get palin, and the point is all of that is one of the reasons why he's been able to keep his frontrunner status. that doesn't mean you disappear. he's right for doing this jobs speech but he's doing a strategically strong campaign
6:19 am
about not getting out there too fast or too early but banking on the fact that everybody knows him from four years ago. >> we have to wrap up. i want a yes or no. do you think palin will enter the race? >> yes. shouldn't but she will. >> when will she enter? september 3rd? >> yeah. >> ok. dick morris, thank you very much. you know what you're talking about, obviously. dick, you're going to stick around. hold on a second. don't leave that studio. he's going to be talking about this -- did you know there's a way the president could immediately cut the cost of gas? she thought she was a tough girl giving another driver the bird and then she crashed her car. we're not kidding. the song "stupid girl" by pink sums it up. we'll be right back. [ grandma ] why do relationships matter? [ grandpa ] relationships are the basis of everything. [ grandma ] relationships are life...
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>> time for some quick headlines on this wednesday morning. asian stock markets falling this morning following moody's downgrade of the country of japan. they reduced the credit rating from double a 3 to double a 2. moody's blames weak growth and government debt in japan. and an anthrax scare for late night comedian craig ferguson. an envelope with white powder and a note claiming it was anthrax was sent to his l.a. studio. it turned out to be harmless. but the f.b.i. is still investigating. looks like he's taking it well. >> i think so, too. 23 minutes after the hour. is there a way that the president could cut the cost of gas and decrease our dependence on oil from the middle east? it comes from our neighbor to the north. some say that neighbor is called canada and the reserve is available if we build a pipeline so why might it never happen? >> people are right who say
6:24 am
it's canada. >> i'm not sure. >> dick morris is back with us. there's something called the tar sands, it's in the alberta province. we get a lot of our -- 20% of our oil from -- we import it from canada. half of it comes from this tar sands and they're talking about the sierra club is all in an uproar, we're talking about getting more of our oil from them. it's a very toxic place. people are up in arms about it. the president could make this happen. >> yeah. your stats are about right. about 1/4 of our imported oil comes from canada which is our most reliable international supplier. they're the most friendly and the most reliable and half of that is called -- from oil sands. and what an oil sand is that instead of oil well, you know, with the gusher and it drills straight down, the oil has to be taken out of the ground in unconventional ways. usually by surface mining of the oil.
6:25 am
because it comes in a molasses like paste. and about half of the canadian oil we use comes in that form. well, canada and the u.s. want to build a pipeline from these oil seals down to texas called the keystone pipeline. and the environmentalists are raising hell. they're having a sit-in at the white house. over 100 of them have been arrested outside the white house and they're vowing to continue to do it. why all the storm? because when oil is extracted that way, it produces about 10% to 15% more greenhouse gases, largely carbon dioxide than it does when it's actually grilled and the global impact of this? of all of this? is it increases the greenhouse gases by 1/10 of 1% globally. and the environmentalists are literally getting arrested over this. and this is an opportunity to free ourselves of dependence and
6:26 am
decrease our dependence on mid eastern oil. increase our supply of oil. decrease the price. and they -- and the left wing is making this the new cause. and obama has a tough choice to make on this. >> it's not really tough. he came out and saying, the new push in my administration is cutting regulation and loosening these regulations to allow businesses to flourish. this is his new push. this is the perfect way to do it and he'd have immediate impact and great narrative on the stump. let's look at where we get our oil from currently and we get 20% from canada and then we get canada, saudi arabia up to that. nigeria and venezuela, they seem nice. mexico and russia. what an obvious thing the president could do to show he's responding to our economic woes. >> yeah, exactly. and if he doesn't do it, he's again, going to be blamed justifiably for the high price of oil but if he goes ahead and permits this pipeline, he's
6:27 am
going to lose his environmental constituents and the greens are going to turn on him. they're so inflamed about this 1/10 of 1% increase in global greenhouse gases that over 100 of them have been arrested, sent to jail for 48 hours outside the white house. >> they have nowhere to go. i imagine, they'll either stay home or stay with president obama regardless. thanks so much for bringing this to light. >> go home. they can vote against them with their feet. >> stay home and light candles and keep the lights off. thanks, dick. appreciate it. >> thank you. >> thanks, dick. all righty, pop quiz. what does lbj stand for? if you said lyndon b. johnson, you're right. you could also be old. we'll explain. >> and stuart varney not old at all has some good news. the obama administration announced a plan to save job creators $10 billion. the bad news -- they added over $9 1/2 billion worth of regulations.
6:28 am
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>> i've chosen my shot of the morning. he's one of the biggest bad boys in basketball. is lebron james afraid of heights? >> jump. jump. come on, lebron. everybody wants to see you! >> come on. >> you're looking at king james cowering in fear on a 30 foot dive in barcelona, spain, you can hear the crowd rooting him on. >> how embarrassing. but the nba all star. >> he's not even up high. >> that's pretty high. >> you don't think that's high? >> he finally gets enough courage to make the jump. >> good man. >> you got to topple down. >> now, if he stood on pavement, he could have jammed that high. but it's the other way. >> sure, if he falls down that
6:33 am
seven feet right there. >> speaking of lebron james, that's what lbj, if you hear the term lbj. >> i think lyndon banes johnson. >> of course. typical teen would go for lebron james. >> this is a list, it looks at the graduating class of 2015 the true all internet class and here's another thing. to them, kids entering college right now, the amazon has never been just a river in south america because, of course, it's also a good place to shop, the amazon is. >> right, amazon to them means something different. if you thought amazon was a place you order books, you're a youngster about to go into college. >> you don't just order books anymore. you order e books. >> boy, am i old? how foolish would i have felt when pages arrived in the mail. >> you guys are very good at pop trivia and pop culture.
6:34 am
>> thank you. it's a gift! >> we are. this is what we do in this industry. we should all know. i wasn't around for, you know, the cuban missile crisis but i know what it is. >> you know what the cotton gin was. >> i do. it was a year before i was born. >> it revolutionized everything. >> it did. >> yeah. >> the thing is you ask a kid if their family has encyclopedias and they go what are they? when we were growing up, somebody would go around the neighborhood selling them, exactly right. i grew up on a unicycle and i see kids and go what are you doing with two wheels? >> that's right. to this generation, there's an internet ramp under the information superhighway. kids these days, arnold palmer has always been a drink and, of course, for the newest kids, john daley is an arnold palmer with vodka. >> right. that's fantastic and that's true. he got his stomach stapled and he looks a lot better now. what happens? he got a lap band.
6:35 am
i don't know what that is. for the kids today entering college, there have all -- this goes to show you how far we've come. there have always been two women on the supreme court and women have always commanded u.s. navy ships as well and one other thing, to kids today, p.c. does not mean political correctness, it means personal computers. say political correctness, they go huh? underestimating the use of today personally. i disagree with this. e-mail us, let us know. >> all right, juliet, start us off. >> thank you very much. 2/3 of democrats and 1/2 of republicans not holding town halls this month. perhaps that's because the congressional disapproval rate is 81% according to a fox news poll and they don't want to be screamed at but that's not the case with arizona senator john mccain. he likes being screamed at. he held one last night and reminded us about it yesterday on "fox & friends." >> he did. >> i've been having town hall
6:36 am
meetings and there's a poll recently that you've shown on fox that 10% of the american people approve of congress, not one person in that 10% has yet to come to my town hall meetings. i know you're out there, please come! >> maybe they did. he got grilled about social security at his town hall. >> meanwhile, vice president joe biden wrapping up his very successful trip to asia. blasting away now at suggestions in the media that his trip was to reassure china that the united states has its debt in check. but in japan yesterday, the vice president told troops at the air base "i didn't come to explain a damn thing." vice president heads to hawaii next. >> after a long fight with the jet lag. >> aloha, joe! >> one month after amy winehouse was found dead in her london apartment, the results of her toxicology report are in. listen. >> ♪ go to rehab i say no, no ♪>> turns out
6:37 am
there were no, no, no illegal substances found in the singer's body at the time of her death. her family says there was alcohol in her system but it hasn't been determined if it played a role in her death. >> how did she die, then? >> i'm going to tell you after you read this story. >> proof that road rage definitely does not pay off. this is the woman in washington state we're talking about. she crashes into another driver while flipping them the bird. it's a hand signal when you're not happy. you're look at the other driver's car that flipped over in the crash. the woman who caused the accident faces charges of reckless driving. that's lovely. >> all right. now up to mr. scoreboard with the sports. >> "new york times," legendary basketball coach, one of the gratedest coaches in history of sports, pat summit shocking the sports world after announcing she has alzheimer's type dimentia. she's 59 years old. says she got worried when she started experiencing memory loss last season. she's the coach of university of
6:38 am
tennessee women's basketball team for four decades leading them to more victories than any other college basketball team in history, over 1,000. she plans to coach for at least one more season. her team and university officials say they will be behind her all the way and her son was with her when she made the announcement. >> how's this for irony? nascar star kyle busch losing his driver's license for speeding. police caught him driving 128 miles per hour down in north carolina road. jimmie johnson lapped him. the actual speed limit was 45. busch's license will be suspended for the next 45 days. he does not need it to compete in nascar. you can race without a license. coming up later on our show, between 9:00 and noon on xm sirius 126, we'll have a lot of exciting guests including a woman that's coming up on our show in a matter of moments. mary beth hicks who wrote the
6:39 am
book just out now called "don't let the kids drink the kool-aid." >> not a very big fan of that picture. >> i don't like it either. plus i have different head sets now. >> good news, the obama administration has announced it will save businesses at least $10 billion over five years by overhauling crushing federal regulations. that's good news, right? bad news is they added $9 1/2 billion in new regulations last month. is it just a net-net deal? >> stuart varney, what's going on with this? >> $10 billion worth of red tape cuts over five years. >> that's good? >> yeah, wonderful, isn't it? i don't believe it. the $10 billion will come from things like railroad cars won't have to have the same high technology that they were supposed to have. hospitals will get rid of some paperwork. there could be some electronic form filing. this, we are told, will save $10 billion in red tape cuts over a five year period. wait a second. the obama team is beginning to realize that all the rules and
6:40 am
regulations that they're strapping on business is hurting the economy and stopping them hiring. but they're in a box. they can't get rid of all the rules and regulations that they've insisted on like obama care, financial reform, e.p.a. rules and regulations. they can't get rid of that so they toss out this tiny little $10 billion worth of nonsense. >> listen, you know that one of the -- one of the raps against this administration is they're not creating any jobs. and next year when we're talking about who should be president, they're going to go look, we've cut regulation for businesses. there's $10 billion worth. you know that's why they did it. >> but do you remember the bus tour, the campaign bus tour? >> yeah, very successful. >> last week? do you remember when the president was questioned by an iowa corn farmer. >> he's sending mixed messages is what he's doing. >> absolutely is. corn farmer said what about noise pollution regulations? and dust control on farms? the president said well, just call the usda. turns out the corn farmer was right.
6:41 am
there are new rules controlling dust on farms which is going to cost farmers a ton. >> the chamber of commerce says this is nothing significant. >> there is nothing that this administration can do really seriously to get rid of the rules and regulations that's already imposed on us. >> we're going to watch varney & company today at 9:20 and then at 8:00. >> varney in the dark. >> that's good. >> i love it. >> are you tired? are you feeling overwhelmed? >> not at all. >> we'll be watching. thank you, stuart. >> thanks. >> straight ahead, democrats keep calling for civility and then apparently come down with amnesia. >> the tea party can go straight to hell! we wanted to know what would dr. martin luther king think about that? we're talking to his niece coming up next right here on "fox & friends." >> and steven is keeping a very close eye on hurricane irene. we are live in florida next. what people there can expect.
6:42 am
we'll talk about that in north carolina and so forth. >> this is not a pretend storm. it's a real storm. [ male announcer ] summer is here. and so too is the summer event. now get an incredible offer on the powerful c300 sport sedan. but hurry before this opportunity...disappears. the mercedes-benz summer event ends august 31st. how'd you learn to do that? what'd you use? every project we finish comes with a story built-in. it's how our rough ideas become "you did that yourself?" so when we can save more on the projects that let us fix, make, and do more... that just makes the stories evn better. more saving. more doing. that's the power of the home depot. add some style to your sink, with this moen banbury faucet for the new lower price of $79.
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we take it on ours. this summer put your family in an exceptionally engineered mercedes-benz w for an exceptional price during the summer event. but hurry, this offer ends august 31st. >> welcome back. extreme weather alert. hurricane irene a category 2 and reportedly making landfall in the bahamas as we speak. next, it will head up the east coast. that's where tiffany from our affiliate is, joins us from daytona beach, florida. tiffany? >> good morning, guys. the good news is we're all breathing a sigh of relief here in daytona beach as this storm continues to kind of veer towards the east. we're looking pretty good here. but i can tell you one thing, these boats behind me have been docked for the day. take a look. we're at a local charter boat company. behind me is the sea lover. she and her friends are not
6:46 am
going anywhere this morning. we are expecting some very rough seas out here. category 2 hurricane as of right now. almost a category 3. we are tracking east. here in central florida area, it looks like we'll get very little rain at this point, the way the forecast looks now, very little rain, winds won't be too bad but the seas are expected to be quite choppy. today, we're expecting somewhere about eight foot seas and the weekend to be worse and worse. we're expecting a little bit of a rip current situation as well. so far, central florida is looking good here down in the south. guys, back to you. >> for now it is, all right. thank you very much for that report. we appreciate it. steve? >> thanks, juliet. almost 48 years ago, martin luther king jr. shared his dream with the world from washington. >> i have a dream that one day this nation will rise up, live out the true meaning of its creed.
6:47 am
>> those words that are etched in the fabric of our nation's history will now be etched in stone. the martin luther king jr. memorial will be dedicated officially in washington, d.c. this sunday on the 48th anniversary of the "i have a dream" speech. joining us is the director of african-american outreach for priests for life and niece of dr. martin luther king jr., alvita king. good morning to you. >> hi, steve. >> great to have you, dr. king. this is not only a great day when they dedicate this for your family but great day for america. >> and actually, i'll be there with my mother and my aunt christine and my mother naomi and dexter and martin and bernice. it was just a wonderful time. >> and i mentioned a moment ago that there are going to be apparently over a dozen inspirational quotes on the walls there of what your uncle said. and this is important because for -- we were just talking about what kids these days know about. for a generation of americans, they weren't alive when martin
6:48 am
luther king was here. this will tell them what he's all about. >> absolutely. there's one thing he said that young people could relate to. he said we must learn to live together as brothers and sisters or perish as fools. a lot of times young people feel they have so much to do and get it right later. that's a good message for today. >> it will be down in washington, d.c. and washington is very political these days. i want to play for you a soundbite from maxine waters, congresswoman from california, powerful member of the congressional black caucus. here she is a couple of days ago. >> i'm not afraid of the big, bad wolf. i'm not afraid of anybody. this is a tough game. you can't be intimidated. you can't be frightened. as far as i'm concerned, the tea party can go straight to hell. >> dr. king what do you think about her saying the tea party can go straight to hell? >> you know, i believe if she
6:49 am
really wanted to remember the words of my uncle, dr. martin luther king jr. we need to love everybody. nobody needs to go to hell. we need to be praying for everybody. you know what? if maxine was doing her job really, i do know her, she wouldn't have to be worried about the tea party. her constituents wouldn't be listening to the tea party if she was doing what she needed to do. >> are you saying she's not doing her job? >> i know she's not doing her job and in the african-american community, the work that i do in the pro life movement, we just say hey, maxine, tell the truth about life and the defamation of genocide in america, if she's doing that, we wouldn't be looking at the tea party. >> one thing about the tea party is it seems like it's a punching bag for the left in america and also for the mainstream media. had you taken what she said and taken out tea party and put in any other group, she'd be in hot water. >> absolutely. absolutely. but she said she's not afraid of the big bad wolf but obviously, she is afraid of the tea party. you know? you got to think about that. >> what's your message to maxine
6:50 am
waters right now. she's watching. >> maxine, do your job. if maxine would do her job and tell the truth about all of the issues that are impacting every community including the african-american community but not limited to, then we'd be a little happier with what she's doing. >> all right, dr. alveda king, big weekend ahead of you and hope you have great weather down in washington. >> thank you so much. >> thank you very much for your comments. straight ahead, coming up, a tale of two presidents. president bush went to the united nations before he ordered an invasion on iraq and president obama did not when he went into libya so why did bush get abused but obama being applauded and lauded? it's a battle between capitalism and socialism. an all out culture war over your kid's mind. but who's winning? that coming up next. naturals from purina cat chow. delicious, real ingredients with no artificial flavors or preservatives.
6:51 am
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6:54 am
>> welcome back. it's a battle between capitalism and socialism and so far, it's an all out culture war over your child's mind. who is indeed winning? mary beth hicks has a brand new book out called "don't let the kids drink the kool-aid, confronting the assault on our families, faith and freedom." mary beth, how long has this been happening? >> the left has really infiltrated in the schools since the 1930's, i mean the people who are in charge of developing curriculum, the people who train our teachers have really been leftists for a very long time. >> how can you teach american history, for example, and not hail capitalism? how can you, according to a recent survey, when children are asked, do they favor capitalism or socialism, 38% favor capitalism and 33% favor socialism over capitalism. >> and 30% have no opinion which is scary, too. so roughly 2/3 of young people don't know why capitalism is best but then again, in many classrooms what is being used as
6:55 am
the history curriculum is the history of america so there's a very strong leftist influence that's changing the message in our history. >> try to explain this. if the country is roughly 50/50 and the growing party is the independent party, how is it that such a majority are in the teaching profession? is it unions? >> i'm not really sure about that. what we see is every place where our kids are influenced, whether it's schools or the media or pop culture, the leftist message is completely universal so we parents who want to raise our kids with more traditional american values are really stuck with the job of kind of confronting that in our home front but following our kids home through the media and through all the messages that we hear. >> you feel as though there's a green curriculum being jammed down our children's throats. >> that's just one example. i mean, science is all about the ecoradical agenda. you know, my daughter just watched the human footprints which supposedly a documentary about consumerism but really could be called evil, bad
6:56 am
american evil footprint. that's what it's really all about. >> is our only answer, quickly, mary beth to home school or private school? >> you know, our answer is to be very involved in our kids' lives and to talk to them a lot about the culture, about politics, history and about economics. we have to be very engaged with our kids so we can give them the values that we want to instill. >> at least give them the opportunity to see both sides. >> exactly. >> mary beth hicks has the brand new book out called -- it's called don't let your kids drink the kool-aid so don't. let them make up their own decisions. thanks so much. >> great, thanks. >> coming up straight ahead, illegal immigrant accused of stealing i.d.'s now spending more than $1,000 to demand a trial in the u.s. and he's making sure everyone hears him and then hollywood super couple. will smith, jada pinkett smith guests on "fox & friends" speaking out on rumors that they've split and the story is not cut and dried.
6:57 am
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>> good morning, everybody. it's wednesday, august 24th. i'm juliet huddy in for gretchen carlson. it's the question everyone is asking. did you feel it? the entire east coast shaken by an earthquake and this morning, we're seeing damage. we're seeing video. plus scientists didn't see it coming but we're going to tell you who did. we're live at the epicenter. >> yep. meanwhile, it's a one-two punch for the east coast now bracing for hurricane irene. already wreaking havoc in the atlantic. steam rolling for the bahamas. we have the very latest on the storm's path. and if you live in the eastern part of the united states, you got to hear it. it's not good. >> and rebels getting a leg up on qaddafi's regime but where is the libyan dictator may i ask? >> there's his head. >> no, that's just a mask. "fox & friends" starts right now.
7:01 am
>> i love this time in the morning. really gets you up. >> just when i sat there, i have all these weather models. >> yes, of course. >> we have different -- i'm watching storms and saying ok, let's see if the hurricane hits you. coming out here and all of a sudden, my whole office starts shaking and we're in the middle saying we're going to give you details on that. >> are you talking about the earthquake that hit there in mineral, virginia, yesterday, 5.8. biggest earthquake in the east coast since world war ii. that's it. >> it was scary! in hoboken, new jersey, doug elway is live from the quake's epicenter in mineral, virginia, with the latest. hey, doug. >> hey, good morning, guys. all is quiet here. all is stable here as we speak this morning right now. this is basically just a few miles from the epicenter of the earthquake. a quake that was felt as far north as canada and as far west
7:02 am
as the midwest. u.s. geological survey says east coast earthquakes are 10 times stronger given the same magnitude as a quake west of the rockies because of the geologic make-up of the east coast. to put it in the simplest possible lay terms, the ground is older here. the east coast is older than the west coast. the ground is firmer and the reverberations are felt over a much wider distance. the public high school directly behind me here is closed today as are schools across louisa county and into washington, d.c., all schools that had opened in this mid august time period are now closed today while they're undergoing inspections. inside this building, a lot of debris ceiling, tiles fell down and we had bookcases knocked over. lights falling down and we had a teacher injured by a falling bookcase and another student injured by falling debris. yesterday, we also visited a small grocery store in mineral, virginia, just a few miles from where we now stand. virtually everything had fallen off the store shelves there.
7:03 am
it was a store independently operated grocery store operated by an indian family that had been there for four years. they are obviously devastated by that but a pastor i spoke to in the neighborhood said that he was organizing a group of local sports teams, high school football teams to help with the cleanup today. the big concern here, the north power station and a nuclear power station harboring two reactors that shut down immediately by computers when the quake struck. the nrc is undergoing inspections today and it was one of 10 nuclear power plants in four different states that was shut down, it was very lucky that the weather is cool up and down the east coast today because god forbid, the circumstances if it was 100 degree day or upper 90's, the power grid would be severely taxed if that were the case, a little bit of good news in the aftermath of this earthquake. back to you guys. >> all right, doug mcelway live out there near mineral, virginia, the epicenter. >> i saw you in your darkroom trying to get pictures of unique shots of the earthquake. did you get it done in time? >> you want to see them? >> yes, indeed.
7:04 am
these are some snapshots. that poor young woman had apparently told friends meet me down at the marriage bureau in lower manhattan august 23rd at 2:00. the earthquake hit at 1:51 and the building was evacuated. her wedding and others did not happen. >> wonder what happened. >> nobody went back to work. >> if anybody knows her, let us know what happened with her. i'm wondering if they got married. >> that's terrible. >> wonder if that's a sign maybe you shouldn't. >> oh -- >> long drive to get to vegas. meanwhile, here's another picture from new york city. look at that. there's a woman pushing a crib with a child in it down broadway. keep in mind, they were evacuating not only public buildings and government buildings but also private buildings. >> i mean, even if you've been to new york and see the skyline, you've seen how tall these buildings are, i used to live on the 35th floor, i can't imagine how scary that must have been sitting up in one of those huge buildings and it's rocking back
7:05 am
and forth. >> speaking of skylines, you know, the washington monument, there was a all right out early that it was tilting and i was talking to one of the correspondents down in washington, he told me that he saw one of the park police helicopters circling that very briskly yesterday afternoon. as it turns out, apparently there's some cracks at the very top. that's the tallest thing that 555 feet in washington, d.c. and there was some worry that it could have some structural damage. >> and the national cathedral also, take a look at this. the spires, you can see. >> three of them. knocked off. >> right. >> ever since i saw kevin james in that documentary called "zookeeper" i was -- i've been fascinated by animals. he was able to find out that they talked to him and the stuff that they told him was fascinating. i said to myself, in the national zoo, if i was there before the earthquake hit, could they have signalled me that something was wrong? would there be a way for orangutans and lemurs to tell me -- to tell me that an earthquake
7:06 am
is coming. >> monkeys, could they have done something? the answer is yes according to the zookeepers. >> at the national zoo, they said as much as 15 minutes before the quake actually was felt by people and it started going like that, apparently a number of the animals, the red roughed lemurs started alarm calling 15 minutes before. it actually hit and the hooded merganzers, a kind of duck dashed for the safety of the water. >> and they're famous now because of their high profile during this earthquake. >> in case the orangutans are watching, iris, i salute you, iris the orangutan in the great ape house let out a guttural holler that left in 10 seconds. >> look at that. so in other words, brian, what you're telling us -- >> i don't know what i'm telling you. >> it's not just lassie who would signal -- >> that's what i'm telling you! >> it's also the orangutans, the lemurs and the marganzers.
7:07 am
>> not my chihuahuas, they sat there staring at me. >> put down the burrito. >> yeah. all righty. let's get to some headlines, we're going to talk serious headlines, though. this is serious weather story on the horizon that we were telling you about a little bit earlier. hurricane irene barearing down the bahamas right now. the storm intensified to a strong cat 2. right now, people in north carolina are on high alert and towns are being evacuated already. people stocking up on water and all of those things you see right there, flashlights and all that business preparing for a possible hit sometime this weekend and we, of course, will bring you a live report on hurricane irene later on in the hour. thousands of people being forced from their homes after a rail car exploded. the 29,000 gallon tanker was loaded with liquid propane when it burst into flames. it happened in lincoln, california, just outside of sacramento. firefighters have been working for hours trying to contain the
7:08 am
flames but they are worried they could spark an even bigger explosion at any moment so no word yet on what caused the tanker to ignite in the first place. he said she got away with murder. a jury in the casey anthony trial -- a juror, excuse me, is speaking out for the first time since that trial. this guy, he's not revealing his name. he calls casey a "horrible person" and says none of the jurors liked her. he says he regrets not convicting casey when he was giving the chance. speaking out the same day she lost the appeal in a check fraud case in florida. she has until friday to report for probation. will smith and his wife jada pinkett smith are denying reports they're splitting up after 14 years of marriage. they released a joint statement saying although we're reluctant to respond to these types of reports, the rumors circulating about our relationship with completely false. we are still together. our marriage is intact. tmz is reporting this morning
7:09 am
they are having significant problems and heading on a family vacation, perhaps, to work things out. >> according to me, we saw them, and they looked like they were getting along great. you have a different take. >> i think you're exactly right. jada pinkett smith was right here, she was talking about her project. we asked will smith during a commercial whether or not he'd like to come over and help his wife promote her project. he said nope, you know what? this is the time for my wife, i don't want to horn in on that. >> which is, by the way, textbook comment for every guy out there especially if your wife is trying to promote a movie. >> don't grab their air time. >> anti-government rebels taking their aggression out on a statue of leader muammar qaddafi after storming his compound. there's the statue head but the ousted leader making threats this morning. joining us live across the border from libya over in tunisia, dominique, do people think he's there?
7:10 am
>> people not entirely sure where he is at all, to be honest. they were hoping he was going inside the compound. after rebels stormed it yesterday, they found in trace of him. there is talk of underground tunnels and network beneath the city of tripoli that are being built in the past three or four years. he may have escaped out of the compound through there and might be hiding in safe houses but no one has seen him yet. however, we have heard from him on a tv station, apparently he rang in to an arabic tv station saying that he will fight on to the bitter end and says he'll fight until victory or until martyrdom and calling on any supporters he had across the country to destroy the traiters and destroy the rats, he said. nato has been bombing more pro qaddafi positions outside the capital. nato said it saw heavy equipment being moved by pro qaddafi forces and they decided to take action. that means the rebels still obviously do not have the upper hand and ultimately, the
7:11 am
ultimate gain, ultimate win is conquering of tripoli has yet to be achieved by the rebels, brian, back to you. >> the rebels did state they feel that tripoli is settled within 72 hours. i appreciate it. stay safe. >> well, the rebels are reportedly meeting with the united states, britain, france, turkey, to try to settle some things out. but, you know, the big question is where are the weapons? i mean, there's mustard gas, there's all sorts of things out there. we have been tapped into where it was a while ago and now we're not. >> yeah, the worry is -- there are two worries. one, that these weapons of mass destruction, mustard gas and got tons and tons of yellow cake which could be used by somebody who has got a program. those could either fall into the hands of a group like al-qaida or something like that, some other bad actors or qaddafi himself might try to make a spectacular last stand. >> congressman rogers was on with greta last night and he
7:12 am
said we got to figure out where those things are. pronto. >> worrisome part of this we know he has this chemical stockpile. does it get legs and walk away? he has all these anti-aircraft missiles that concern us a lot that we do have great concern that we ought to be aggressive about trying to get custody of those. >> i think we have picked up a lot of the shoulder fired missiles. >> yeah, 30,000 of them. >> mostly russian made. all right. 12 minutes after the top of the hour. next on the rundown, congress' approval rating the a record low and now they say if the voters don't like us, we're not going to talk to them. but if you're not holding town meetings are you really doing your job? we'll debate that with the prestigious panel that's just been cued to walk. >> and that panel got to hang out in the green room with -- >> that's right. >> with ambassador -- >> they're not any penguins. they're special painting penguins. >> yeah, we'll show you what they do.
7:13 am
dad, why are you getting that? is there a prize in there? oh, there's a prize, all right. [ male announcer ] inside every box of cheerios are those great-tting little o's made from carefully selected oats that can help lower cholester. is it a superhero? kinda. ♪
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7:16 am
>> welcome back. how low can they go? according to a new gallup poll, overwhelming 84% of americans disapprove of the job congress is doing. and because of that, most members of congress are not hosting town hall meetings this summer. but is it their duty to hold these meetings as an employee of the voter? joining us right now is the political panel, we've got former advisor for senator hillary clinton's presidential campaign and fox news contributor, former u.s. ambassador to the united nations and fox news contributor john bolton and associate politics editor for "roll call" kristina valitoni. we should point out 51% of republicans not having them.
7:17 am
68% of democrats not having town hall. you say they are just chickens! >> they are. what a bunch of chickens. they absolutely need to especially in this time openly communicating with their constituents. i can understand if there are some security reasons following the shooting that they may be dealing with. but only doing teletown halls over the phone and shying away from it, whether you're democrat or republican, i think it shows when you're hovering around 10% of approval rate, they're a big chicken. >> what we're looking at right there, that's john mccain who had a town hall last night in phoenix. ambassador bolton, the ultimate thing that these congressional members don't want is some constituents standing in front of them going like this and they don't want that to show up in an opponent's political ad come next campaign season. >> well, i'm pretty lays affair on this. if they want to hold them, that's fine. if they don't want to, that's fine.
7:18 am
there's a real mistake in assuming that members of congress have to bend with the winds of opinion between elections. that's what elections are for and voters elect people to use their judgment and they decide once every two years. >> the problem, though, is this is not a vacation they're on. this is a recess and that's when you're supposed to go out and do outreach. >> that's the entire point of this. they're not going home for some r&r. they're going home to hear from the people that sent them to washington who overwhelmingly feel that washington is broken and that's part of the problem so i think that the republicans in part learn from what the democrats saw in these health care town halls in 2009 that really sort of took all the wind out of the sails of health care momentum and they don't necessarily want to do that and take the wind out of their sails as they're trying to make sure that they secure the majority in 2012. >> last time -- last election season, it seemed like there were more people yelling at democrats but now, there's so many people out there who want to talk to the republicans as well and the tea party members. >> exactly. when they're trying to gut
7:19 am
medicare and social security and they took the country to the brink of default, well, they took the country to the brink of default, it makes sense that they're a little bit chicken again, not really wanting to put themselves out there but, you know, you can't have it both ways. they were all in favor of them during the health care town halls and they should be just as in favor in hearing some negative feedback because that's, unfortunately, where the american people are. >> let's find out whether or not this discussion has persuaded some of them to have some taown halls as they contine to their recess which is really outreach. political panel is sticking around for this. a tale of two presidents. president bush went through all the right channels before iraq and he was criticized while president obama did not when going into libya and was praised. hypocrisy? hmmm. and check out this woman -- >> come on, taser me! come on, taser me! maybe it will make you feel better. >> why was this woman asking the cop to taser her? arrest her. story straight ahead.
7:20 am
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7:23 am
>> hi, everyone. welcome to news by the numbers. just got in here. sorry for this. look up here and start with our first story. first $200. that's how much a new version of the iphone, well, it's going to be for -- if you're willing to pay that much. sources say apple is working on producing the cheaper, smaller iphone. keep working, guys. let's look at the bottom one. that's a hot couple. that, according to steve and juliet combined, $75 million. that's how much tom brady and giselle buncheon earned last year making them the highest paid celebrity couple according to "forbes". look out, rob lowe and that other guy. let's go up top. there's the guy talking. 2.2%. that's the boost some united nations workers are seeing in their paychecks. the raises are coming their way
7:24 am
just months after u.n. secretary called for budget cuts. and that's your news by the numbers. i have other stuff to do. i haven't figured out what but i have other stuff. >> all right. meanwhile, back in 2002, former president george w. bush went through the united nations and got bipartisan, got international support to take out saddam hussein. fast forward to 2011, president obama launched his libyan operation bypassing congress. but president bush was criticized and president obama has been praised. hypocrisy? let's talk to our political panel. what do you say? >> look, i mean, i think there are lots of folks on the left who have been criticizing the president whether it's progressive media or moderate democrats like joe sestak but the reality is if this was an approved war or not, whatever it was. it was successful. period. and it shows that -- >> so was against saddam hussein. >> it shows the strategy of unifying our allies and really building alliances to go into libya.
7:25 am
his strategy was correct. and to do this in six months, very impressive. once again, he has such an incredible record of foreign policy laughing in the face of people who call him a gun shy liberal. >> when you said incredible foreign policy record, john bolton burst into laughter. >> look, this policy is internally contradictory. the president said he went into libya to protect innocent libyan civilians while he wanted qaddafi overthrown, we were not using military force for that purpose. he did not get a u.n. resolution approving that. he did not get any approval from the united states congress and yet, hypocritically, we did use military force against qaddafi. we killed one of qaddafi's sons and three of his grandchildren. were those three grandchildren committing human rights violations i don't think so. i don't think it benefits the united states to say one thing and do another. it's not successful and it's not over yet. >> on the criticism, you've seen a lot of what happened in
7:26 am
afghanistan. you've seen anti-war liberals criticizing obama and the middle, that john mccain type and the conservative democrats praising him and on libya, it's a similar odd coalition. you have liberals and tea partiers criticizing him. when michelle bachmann and dennis kucinich is on the same page about something, that's an interesting political dynamic that the president will have to contend with. >> remember when colin powell warned george w. bush, if you break it, you own it. going forward now, as we look to whatever is going to happen next, ambassador, in libya, you know, there are people who are talking about, ok, sharia law will be part of the constitution of libya and there's some suggestion, perhaps, that the people who are going to be running things are not necessarily our friends because democracy, you think democracy is the next step there? >> not necessarily. i don't agree with the pottery barn rule anyway but i think the united states has a clear national interest in making sure that libya does not become a base for international terrorism. and that argues for us being politically very involved to
7:27 am
shape the successor regime which i don't think we've done enough of. >> i think it's a lot easier to criticize than be correct like president obama has been and at the end of the day, we have more friends in the middle east because of his policies. >> all right. >> i would disagree with that. >> i bet you would. >> all right. we thank you all for joining us live. >> thank you. >> all right. straight ahead, less than 24 hours after an earthquake here on the east coast, a major hurricane threatens to hit many of the same areas. we're live in florida where evacuations are already under way and i bet they're selling out of plywood at home depot and check out this gal -- >> want to arrest me? come on, taser me! come on, taser me! maybe it will make you feel better! >> while the woman really wants to be tased, find out why. and we have happy feet this morning on the program. some special penguins can paint. how? you'll find out. it could involve their feet. getting grime from deep inside grout takes the right tools,
7:28 am
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>> welcome back. time for the shot of this morning on a wednesday, banner day for a new york city inmate. he's been in jail without a trial since 2007 paid $1250 to fly a banner over new york city.
7:32 am
it read -- there's his name. jailed five plus years. no trial. is this legal? well, he's a suspect in an identity theft ring accused of stealing almost $100,000 worth of credit card numbers. i wonder if he paid for that banner with a credit card. >> i'm sure he did. >> 20 minutes after the top of the hour. the rest of the headlines. vice president joe biden wrapping up his trip to asia blasting away at suggestions to media, his trip was reassure china the united states has its debt in check. i don't know what's wrong with having that as a mission. in japan, the vice president told troops at the air base, "i didn't come to explain a damn thing". the vice president heads to hawaii. >> dropped the d bomb. whoa! >> one month after amy winehouse was found dead in her london apartment, the results of a toxicology report are in. >> ♪ go to rehab i say no, no, no ♪
7:33 am
>> and it turns out there were no illegal substances found in the singer's body at the time of her death. her family says there was alcohol in her system but it hasn't been determined if it played a role in her death. >> meanwhile, a scary moment at the reagan national library in california. former first lady nancy reagan loses her balance but she doesn't hit the ground thanks to senator marco rubio. you could hear that crowd gasp as the florida republican breaks mrs. reagan's fall and grabs her. he then helped her regain her stride before escorting her to her seat. mrs. reagan was not hurt but we'll get an update on how she's doing from her son, michael. he will be here live in the next hour. >> ok. beautiful, beautiful library. >> absolutely. >> talk about standing by your man. a missouri woman goes absolutely nuts on police in an effort to defend her hubby. watch.
7:34 am
>> i'm the one driving. you want to arrest me? come on, taser me! come on, taser me! maybe it will make you feel better. >> are you going to arrest me? >> she's yelling at police to arrest her and taser her after her husband crashed their truck and was cited for drunk driving. not surprisingly, the woman's tirade backfired. police ended up taking her and her husband straight to jail. someone feed their dog! speaking of animals. >> was just going to say that. they're the picassos of penguin world because they can paint. how is that possible? here to explain is a spokesperson from mistic aquarium and joining her is penguin trainer jen tidswell and penguin volunteer along with the artists. what are their names? >> right here in my arms is yellow red, one of our only penguins -- >> yellow red. those are two names.
7:35 am
>> nickname is string. so one of the few penguins in our colony that has a nickname. >> sadly, these are endangered. how do you know we're running out of penguins? >> well, over the last eight years, there's been a 60% decline in the world population and mistic aquarium is heavily involved with the research trying to figure out and help this species. >> one of the things you do to help raise money is you do things like this artwork and we have a couple of examples right over there of some penguin art and today -- >> this is what it looks like. >> what you do is you paint up the feet first and then you have them walk around, right? >> that's right. it's one of the few things amongst many in connecticut that you can come see, mistic aquarium is one of the over 50 getaways that you can come see. >> i've been there. it's fantastic. >> absolutely wonderful. great fast getaway weekend. you can come see the penguins and come see our painting penguins. >> were the penguins going crazy yesterday during the earthquake? >> no, we didn't notice
7:36 am
anything. >> this one is looking at me. >> she's ready to paint. she's guys help raise funds for their wild counterparts in south africa. >> pictures are how much? >> they're $149.99 although i'm sorry, $124.99. >> everything is on sale. >> we will go higher. it's all for good for the penguins and research. >> nobody gets hurt. and the penguins seem to enjoy it. >> they do. >> they almost smile. now, can you have this penguin paint for us? >> we certainly can. it's something we enjoy doing and the penguins enjoy doing and they're trained to too do it. get out of the way. one tidbit of information here, this penguin here has her mate with the gray silver and this is a world famous artist. >> really? >> her paintings have gone for auction in south africa to help raise funds. >> that's fantastic. >> no wonder she has such an entourage. >> there you go. >> all right. let's see if i can -- >> don't try this at home. these are professional penguins. >> look at that video from
7:37 am
connecticut. >> they ever act diva like? >> this one is definitely a diva. >> i can see that. >> i'm going to let her walk. >> so you put the paint on the bottom and now -- >> go towards all the other stuff. >> beautiful. wait a minute, now she's painting our floor! wait a minute. >> look at that. all right. what's going on with the silver guy over here? >> she might let you touch her. let me go back here. >> we have the inky purple feet on and now there went -- >> we'll do a little bit more color for her. >> what you would do is maybe send them across more than once. >> wow. do a little bit more. she seems to want to go towards the camera. she's really interested in the camera. >> wow. >> she might like scott who is on the camera. penguins always like scott. >> here comes -- here we go. >> beautiful. >> very nice. >> if you would like to help the folks do the research up at mistic aquarium in connecticut,
7:38 am
you can log on to our web site at fox and and we'll connect you to that. >> what's going on over there? >> brand new shoes. >> what happened? >> it's -- i got to change my shoes. >> wait a minute. >> there it is. >> a little trouble in paradise here, folks. nothing to worry about. >> and that was the new pair of shoes. >> i know! that's the last time i have a penguin at my house. >> did you feel the earthquake? >> while talk about the earthquake. >> apparently as she told us, apparently, they did not. very nice. >> what was the name of that penguin, by the way? >> gray silver. >> why do they name them after color? >> each color represents a number and the number represents the number in which they entered our colony at mistic. >> what are the beads? >> that's the number. first bead closest to their chest is the gender bead. either blue, pink or white. >> what would white be? >> can't tell the gender of the
7:39 am
bird because you can't actually tell by looking at them. we have to do a genetic test. >> that's embarrassing. >> ok. >> and then the rest of the beads are his name, gray silver. >> very good. >> all right. beautiful. >> thank you all for joining us from the mistic aquarium up in mistic, connecticut. a beautiful spot. >> thank you. >> all righty, we heard congresswoman maxine waters say that she's not happy with president obama. is the president's african-american base turning against him? we'll have a debate coming up next. >> and sick of paying more for less at the grocery store? consumers savings expert andrea warrick is here to help with tips on how you can hold on to more of your cash. we're talking clothes, folks. >> the trivia question of the day. he made his debut as an in ring announcer for his father's wrestling company. he later bought the company. currently runs it with his wife. >> i know this one. boy, i'm glad we got aflac huh.
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instant hot spots, and powerful devices like the motorola photon 4g. so let's all keep asking the big what ifs. sprint business specialists can help you find the answers. sprint. america's favorite 4g network. trouble hearing on the phone? visit >> glad you're up. the president taking heat for the struggling economy but some democrats are still trying to point the finger at the tea party. >> the real enemy is the tea party! >> there is no compromising, they have one thing in mind. that's to make president obama a one term president. >> but others say he'll be a one term president because his base is getting frustrated with him. >> we're supportive of the
7:44 am
president. but our people are hurting. unemployment is unconscionable. we don't know what the strategy is. we don't know why on this trip that he's in the united states now, he's not in -- >> wow. so is the president in real danger of becoming a one term leader? joining us right now is conservative radio host charles butler and democratic strategist tara dowder. let's start with you, tara. the president, reason to feel wary right now with a full year into the election? >> well, certainly this is going to be a very challenging election cycle for the president. there's no question about it. with the economy being weak. but let us not forget that president obama essentially inherited post apocalyptic america. we have the economy which is in sheer turmoil when he came into office, 750,000 jobs are being lost. we've had oil spills, winter like none other. i mean, i'm waiting for locusts to show up next so given all of
7:45 am
these dynamics and all that he's had to confront, unrest in the middle east, i think he's doing a pretty good job considering all of these dynamics. >> is that the way it's being perceived for you, charles? >> no, it's not. as a matter of fact, brian, i think we have a news flash. president obama is going to have a conference, a white house conference and say that president bush started the earthquake yesterday and guess what? he could end the libyan war because he had to evacuate the pentagon from the golf course. >> there is an issue, though, a real issue in the humor in that the president and all of his -- and all of his supporters and workers don't seem to be taking any blame. with what they -- it's always what they inherited and it's always now it's what the republicans don't let him do. >> and, you know, that -- nothing could be further from the truth. this is a president who came into office. issued -- initiated obama care, increased spending by a trillion
7:46 am
dollars. now some people say we're $4 trillion in debt. he continues to talk about spending, class warfare, and then tyra, she says he inherited. no other president in history has ever placed blame on another president as this president continually does. it's really silly. he should be held accountable. >> is that a tactic that's effective or does it bother you at all? >> i don't think it's necessarily about blaming anyone because frankly, some of the real issues we have in this country have been going on for the last three decades. when you look at income and equality, the fact that we have a lot of people who are very wealthy and we see the gap between those people and middle class and working poor people increasing, that's a recipe for disaster and that's been in the works for over three decades and the problem with that is the reason why china, india and nations like that in brazil are growing because they're growing their middle class. we're doing the exact opposite. so these are issues we need to be talking about.
7:47 am
and we need to be talking about them openly. >> that's because bill clinton sold off the middle class, tara, and made us a service economy. do you remember that? by the way -- >> i don't think there's one person that can be blamed for anything. we had a surplus under bill clinton. and the economy was actually thriving under bill clinton. >> we were going into a recession. we were going into a recession. president bush came in in 2000, we were going into a recession. let's stick to the facts. >> we'll find out. it will be an interesting year and it's clear that the president has an opponent, i'm sure the debate will heat up more. we'll have you back. great job. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> straight ahead, with the tough economy, the cost of everything seems to be going up. even your clothes. but some stores may be charging even more than they have to. we'll tell you how to avoid being ripped off next and on this day, 1989, pete rose banned from baseball for life. and hurricane andrew slammed into florida with a category 5 storm and the 2003 beyonce and jay-z had the number one song
7:48 am
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>> welcome back. 9 minutes before the hour. we'll give you quick headlines first. kraft foods cutting the price on maxwell house coffee by 6% due to a drop in the price of coffee beans. yea! roasted and ground coffee beans are down $0.20 a pound. folgers cut its prices last week and as if it wasn't bad enough, that a fire burnt down his caribbean estate yesterday, richard branson revealed when he ran out of his villa to check out the fire, he was buck naked. and ran straight into a cactus
7:52 am
bush. insult to injury. right. if you hit the mall lately to do a little shopping, you may have experienced a bit of sticker shock because retailers are raising clothing prices 10% on average to offset rising costs of materials and labor so the bottom line is you're paying more but you're getting less. and man, these manufacturers are doing some really tricky things. joining me now to show us what to watch out for in stores and how to combat it is the consumer savings expert andrea warwick. good to have you. >> thank you. >> the designers are getting tricky. >> or creative. >> i'm going to say tricky because i'm cynical. >> right. one of the things they're doing is they're trying to like cut down the costs by sort of like cheaping out on -- >> right. >> so cutting down on the quality and the extras, applying inexpensive tweets to con shoppers into thinking they're getting more for their money when in fact they're not. they're using less materials and using cheaper fabrics and different items on the clothing. >> it's funny, the first thing we have here is skinnier jeans
7:53 am
and pants. skinny jeans are hot. >> promoted as the hot new trend for back to school. >> like jeggings. >> exactly and they're the stretch material. what you'll notice is they're softer and there's less material and the softer denim is a lot less expensive. yet, there's a subtle price increase. >> rail? isn't that nice? >> well, unfinished clothes, how is that possible? >> so cheaper, poorer stitch quality as you see on this skirt, unfinished hems on the bottom of skirts and also seeing it in pants and jackets. >> is this supposed to be a look? >> right, so everyone thinks it's a trendy look but it's actually like less for them to make. >> all right. >> how about more -- >> more zippers. this dress has a zipper in the back all the way down. >> i noticed that actually. >> look at this sweatshirt. this has a zipper on the back and this obviously has less fabric in this little section and zippers are pretty inexpensive and on a mass production scale, manufacturers save a lot by making small
7:54 am
little tweaks and you'll see that on jackets. >> why is a zipper better than a button? is it more difficult to do than a button? >> zipers are less expensive than buttons. >> all righty. rise of rushing. yesterday, i had a dress on, it's very trendy. >> it looks great. there are less fabric, though. >> guys, this kind of look. how would you -- >> yes. >> it's less fabric so it saves the manufacturers more and it looks good and appealing to the consumer. so people are going to be drawn to buying it. but also, you'll see thinner material and more use of alternative fabric than cotton because cotton is more expensive because maybe rayon. >> i actually like this material. it's very soft and the ruching covers the little blips. anyway, moving right along, how do we combat conflation, as you say? >> right now, you can curb the costs at the clothing store. coupons, whether you find them on line like coupon codes, you can use them. >> be careful how many coupons
7:55 am
you bring to these places. some places don't get very happy about the coupons. >> you can find them on your phone, too. an app like coupon sherpa. >> you say swap, don't buy. >> consumers are going to swapping sites to trade clothes instead of purchasing. really great for kids who grow out of their clothes quickly. >> great idea. how about hold out for the holidays? >> holidays, you'll find the best prices on fall and winter merchandise. sales like black friday, even free shipping day will offer the best deals. >> december 26th, i'm telling you. best day to go out. >> you're right and shop end of season right now, summer and spring apparel will be the best offer. >> you like to go to the outlet malls? >> i love the outlets. >> i've found coupons for the outlet stores so doubling your discounts and getting even more bang for your buck. >> we're looking good. >> thank you very much. >> thanks, andrea. appreciate it. decades ago, president reagan let the world know qaddafi was evil.
7:56 am
>> colonel qaddafi is not only an enemy of the united states, his record of subversion and aggression against the neighboring states in africa is well documented and well known. >> so what would reagan do about libya if he were in the white house now? michael reagan is here. and the race for 2012 could come down to a hair. literally, this is interesting. which candidate has the best do? we brought in an expert for you and you'd be surprised at how the predictions can be, well, predicted by the do. plus the question of the day, the answer is vince mcmahon. the winner is pat from florida. congratulations, pat. hi, anne.
7:57 am
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just say, show me the carfax. >> juliet: good morning. it's wednesday, august 24. i'm juliet huddy in for gretchen carlson. hurricane irene taking aim at the eastern seaboard. category 2 right now causing families to cut their summer vacations short. just how bad will it be? >> steve: that's a big question. did you feel it yesterday? that's the question of the day from virginia to rhode island. and the east coast still in shock from a powerful earthquake. we are live at the epicenter with the very latest on the damage. >> brian: look at this. who needs rambo when you got rubio. coming to nancy reagan's rescue when she suddenly starts to tumble. michael reagan right here to tell us how she's doing and more "fox & friends" starts right
8:01 am
now. >> steve: welcome aboard. if you were watching the channel yesterday, we had the story pretty much seconds after it happened. 1:51 in the afternoon yesterday was when this 5.8 magnitude earthquake hit. there were people in the u.s. capitol who thought the capitol had been attacked. >> juliet: i mean, of course you would. my god, it was frightening. doug is live from the quake center. it was down in mineral, virginia. we've got a map there. doug, give u the latest. >> we're sitting in the parking lot of louisa parking lot. take a look on the inside, some pretty extensive damage. we had a lot of ceiling tiles that fell down, lot of cracks in the wall, light fixtures dislodged. two injuries yesterday. one a teacher when a book shelf fell on her and one, a student transported to a medical center. yesterday virginia governor bob
8:02 am
mcdonald praised emergency workers across the state and praised those who were responsible for checking up on the infrastructure. the roads, bridges, rails, the gas lines for doing their job very well. he was also asked where he was at the time that the quake struck. here is his response. >> i was actually on the phone with my son who is a student at uva and was in my office and felt the building begin to shake and asked my son to hang on. he said, dad, i feel it here, too. that's when i knew it was obviously something more than just a local event or just something going on with our building. the depth of the earthquake was reported at .6 miles. i think the geologist would suggest that's in the neighborhood of that fault line that runs through central virginia. >> a lot of people are asking why this quake was felt relatively moderate quake, 5.8 was felt as far north as canada
8:03 am
and as for west as the midwest and south as georgia. the answer is that the east coast is much older than the west coast. the u.s. geological survey says that an earthquake of equal magnitude is felt ten times stronger on the east coast than on the west coast. someone who knows that firsthand, the owners of the miller's grocery store where virtually everything came tumbling off the shelfs. they've got quite a clean-up to do. the good news in mineral, virginia is that the nuclear power plant a few miles from here, which was tripped off line as soon as the quake struck, there was no detection of any radiation leakage. there appears to be no damage, although the nrc continues its investigation there. it is one of ten nuclear power plants in four different states shut down as a result of the earthquake yesterday. back to you. >> steve: live in mineral, virginia. >> juliet: were you ever in an earthquake before? >> steve: yeah, i felt them before in california.
8:04 am
>> brian: the thing is, i was in a building that had rollers on it at a tv station. that was interesting. there was no rollers here. you knew you were swaying. >> steve: that's a problem with a lot of the buildings here in new york and washington, d.c they weren't designed to withstand big earthquakes. >> brian: i was about to head downtown. i felt it and i started the e-mails coming through. do you remember the first one? we don't believe it was a terrorist attack. you saw it coming in from the capitol. we're evacuated. we think it was an earthquake. i was interviewing michael shirt-off for something we're doing in 9-11. i asked him, when stuff like this happens, why is it that we always think terror? >> unfortunately the legacy of 9-11 is when there is any kind of a major event, where there is property damage or some kind of explosion, the first question is, is it terrorists? there is a story i was seeing coming over on my phone about
8:05 am
people in the capitol starting to evacuate because they thought it was another 9-11. that's one of the sad scars and legacies of having lived through a very big terrorist attack. >> brian: that's what he thought. >> juliet: you were down there. what was the mood? >> brian: it was really intense, really panicky. >> steve: people were freaked out. >> brian: yeah. you see the freedom tower to the left and you see the -- underneath the new building 7 that was rebuilt almost immediately. then they have the garden for all those who lost their lives that day and everyone is running out looking at each other. you couldn't tell the difference between the sidewalk and the street. they were saying, oh, oh, here we go again. >> steve: right. in washington, d.c., some people inside the capitol heard that noise, felt things rumble, but some sort of explosion, or the capitol had been hit. you got the washington monument. the
8:06 am
also the national cathedral's twitter feed yesterday said please pray for the cathedral as there has been some damage. >> brian: you know what bothers me? i couldn't use the phone. i remember on 9-11 you couldn't use the phone, everyone was jammed. i thought we kind of beat this. but evidently you can get jammed. i could not get calls and no one could. >> juliet: i was trying to call my mom and i couldn't. >> brian: i thought we solved that problem. >> steve: it didn't work yesterday. i was trying to call somebody who happens to be a child of mine down in washington, d.c nothing. four different lines, nothing. here in the big town when the quake hit, people -- it did actually devastate at least one woman's wedding. look at that. there she is, 2:00 p.m. yesterday she was supposed to get hitched at the marriage
8:07 am
bureau in lower manhattan and because the building was evacuated and everybody on the street, she could not get married. you don't know where the groom is. >> juliet: she looks beautiful. >> steve: she does. >> brian: she does. usually people don't run in their wedding dress. a lot of people say hey, grab the kids and let's get out of here and after a while they say, let's take the whole crib. >> steve: the crazy thing about that picture, that woman pushing that crib down broadway yesterday as people were -- >> juliet: you always see strange sights on broadway, but that's a new one. >> brian: everyone walking the other way. antigovernment rebels taking their aggression out on a statue of libyan leader moammar gadhafi after storming his compound. but the ousted leader still making threats this morning, wherever he is! >> steve: dominic joins us live across the border, safely, we hope, in libya.
8:08 am
from libya in tunisia. dominic? >> good morning to you, brian. the reports that the airports at tripoli have been hit by rockets in the past few minutes. this doesn't come as a surprise. nato said it was beginning to take action again on positions outside the capitol of tripoli where it saw pro-gadhafi forces moving as what it describes as heavy equipment into position. the national transitional council saying the battle for the capitol is certainly no means over and it won't be over until gadhafi and his sons have been captured. compare the amount of territory to what they now hold to what they held sunday. they've got 80% of the capitol under their control, the rebels. they did have 95% on sunday. that means that by no means have they got a decisive victory that they decisively hold victory and the pockets of resistance may be proving to be tougher than they originally anticipated. the sons of gadhafi still appear to go uncaptured despite reports
8:09 am
earlier that indeed they had been found. as long as those three sons, mohammed, khamis, saif, who was in line to be the successor, do have access to pro-gadhafi troops and can still actually command pro-gadhafi forces, there will be certainly resistance going on. another day of fighting expected around tripoli and elsewhere in parts of the country. the rebels saying that the hometown of gadhafi is expected to surrender today. however, we must say that with a word of caution and a degree of skepticism because rebels have said these sort of defeat surrenders will happen before and have them proven to be untrue. but if the hometown does indeed cave in to the rebels that, will be a blow to gadhafi. his whereabouts remain unknown. if he had planned to make a bee line for his homeland, then certainly the options there are being limited if the rebels are gaining ground. back to you. >> brian: all right.
8:10 am
dominic, this is going to be from euphoria on monday to a lot of intrigue on wednesday. thanks so much. other news breaking around the world, including extreme weather here on the east coast. >> juliet: moments ago, hurricane irene was upgraded. it's now a major category 3 storm right now. she's currently bearing down on the bahamas. she pounded through turks and caicos overnight. people in north carolina are on high alert. some towns are being evacuated. people are stocking up on water and flashlights preparing for a possible hit sometime this weekend. we will bring you a live report on hurricane irene later in the hour. it is a ticking time bomb waiting to explode. thousands of people being forced from their homes in california after a rail car filled with propane gas burst into flames. firefighters have been working for hours trying to control the flames, but they are worried that the fire could spark even bigger explosion at any moment. this is all happening right now in the town of lincoln, just outside of sacramento.
8:11 am
he says, she got away with murder. a juror in the casey anthony trial speaking out for the first time since that trial. the juror, who is not revealing his name, called casey a, quote, a horrible person. he says none of the jurors liked her. he says he regrets not convicting her when given the chance. the juror, speaking out on the same day that casey anthony lost an appeal on a check fraud case in florida, she has until friday to report for probation. they are denying the rumors that have been swirling that they're splitting up. but tmz is telling a different story about jada pinkett and will smith. sources close to the couple report that they are having significant marriage problems. two months ago, jada talked about how strong her marriage is right here on "fox & friends." >> well, i tell you what, i think it's really about being friends. you really have to be friends. you can't lose the friendship. you have to be able to talk to each other and hang with each other as friends. >> juliet: tmz is also reporting that will and jada will take a
8:12 am
family vacation, peaps try to work things out. i don't like reporting those stories. we don't know what goes on. >> brian: the rumors are so prevalent. as i interviewed myself before the show, and i concluded they're fine. >> steve: i hope so and we wish them all the best. we hope the rumors are not true. >> juliet: you did that? >> brian: yes. you see my lips move a lot. leave me alone. >> steve: okay, we will. still ahead, could the race for the white house come down to hair? why the person with the best cut could be our next commander in chief. >> juliet: then what would ronald reagan do? the late president called out gadhafi years ago. so would he handle things differently today than president obama? his son, michael, joins us.
8:13 am
[ female announcer ] so you think your kids are getting enough vegetables? maybe not. v8 v-fusion juice gives them a full serving of vegetables plus a full serving of fruit. but it just tastes like fruit. [ male announcer ] get five dollars in money-saving coupons at ♪ why settle for a one-note cereal? get more with honey bunches of oats. four nutritious grains come together for more taste, more texture, more healthy satisfaction. have a bowl of happy.
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8:16 am
>> brian: with rebels taking over moammar gadhafi's compound, it looks clear that his time is nearing its end. >> colonel gadhafi is not only an enemy of the united states, his record of subversion and aggression against the neighboring states in africa is well documented and well-known. he has ordered the murder of fellow libyans in countless countries. he has sanctioned acts of terror in africa, europe, and the middle east, as well as the western hem hemisphere.
8:17 am
>> brian: joining us is his son, michael reagan. first off, we know your stepmop, nancy reagan, had a fall and everyone is really concerned, writing us today. do you know how she's doing? >> i think she's doing fine, from the news last night. that's really all i know and the people at the library where she was with marco rubio. he did a great job of keeping her from hitting the floor when she tripped. big kudos to marco rubio. but i think she seems to be fine. remember, she's 90 years old. for 90 years old, she's getting around, which is good. >> brian: absolutely. what do you think your dad's reaction would be with gadhafi forced from his compound, the people rising up demanding freedom? >> i think my dad would be very happy to see that happening in that area of the world. the concern he would have is now what do we do? it's 135, i think, different tribes in libya. it's a tribal society. they haven't been free since
8:18 am
1969. you have to learn how to be free. they're going to need a lot of help. i think he would understand the united states of america would have to take a leadership position in helping that transition to whatever their government is going to be, parliamentary or whatever it might be. the great worry would be that, in fact, those weapons they have of mass destruction, saren gas, mustard gas, missiles do not fall into the hands of terrorist groups that live within that tribal situation because then you're back to where you were with moammar gadhafi. >> brian: would he have felt comfortable leading from behind like this president feels comfortable? >> he never led from behind. i had dinner with my dad in the 1980s when he was telling ed meese on the phone, we were doing war games and ed called and said, you know, gadhafi is sending out planes after our boys. what should we do if they're shot at? my dad said, if we're shot at, shoot back. ed says, what happens if they
8:19 am
run into their own air space, my father said, ed, you chase them all the way back to their hangars if necessary, but you shoot them down. dad never led from behind. he led from the front. >> brian: it's not happening this time. we may be leading nato, but it's a nato operation. weigh see where it goes from here. we didn't break it, so we shouldn't have to build it. but we should do something. thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> brian: coming up straight ahead, the gop nomination hinging on one factor that always tips presidential elections. and it's hair. peter, the son of canada camera -- candid camera here to prove it. and proving road rage does not pay off. a woman trying to act all tough, crashes her car instead.
8:20 am
8:21 am
8:22 am
8:23 am
>> steve: here is "fox & friends" headlines. so much for the levi for mayor campaign. the ex-boyfriend of sarah palin's daughter, bristol, now says he's not running for the top office in alaska. levi johnson says he has better things to do, like promoting his new book. okay. and proof that road rage definitely does not pay. a woman in washington state crashes into another driver while flipping them off. you're looking at the other driver's car which flipped over in the crash. the woman who caused the accident now facing charges of wreckless driving. being awfully rude. juliet? >> juliet: to say the least. if you want to win the 2012
8:24 am
race, you need one thing. here it is. great hair. history -- i swear to you. this is apparently scientific study. history shows a winning hair style usually trumps a winning campaign style. joining us right now from california is the son of candid camera creator, alan funt, peter. good to have you here. >> hi, juliet. let me make clear, this couldn't be any less scientific. >> juliet: trying to lift this segment up. let's go through this. let's start with jfk versus nixon. >> yeah, sure. i mean, the people spend millions of dollars to try to figure out politics. i think it does come down to the hair in the last 50 years or so. jfk had great, great political hair. and richard nixon was kind of losing his. and the voters recognized that and, you know, a trend began.
8:25 am
i think it's been with us for five decades or more. >> juliet: let's go over to reagan versus carter then, mr. peter funt. >> okay. you know, jimmy carter had fantastic hair and when he beat gerald ford four years earlier, i mean, it was no contest. what did the republicans do? a smart thing. they went to hollywood. they got a really, you know, top notch hollywood hairdo in ronald reagan and the voters went for it. and reagan was able to defeat carter and then walter mondale four years later, gosh, that was no contest at all. he barely had any hair. so once again, the voters picked the best hair. >> juliet: i wonder what product, that throws a monkey wrench in everything. obama versus mccain. >> well, you know, that was a bit of history being made as we all know. 2008, the first time americans
8:26 am
elected an african-american hair cut. this was something new. i think the republicans really blew it. they almost went with mitt romney as the nominee. that could have been interesting hair wise. but john mccain? i mean, come on. no contest. >> juliet: we have two guys in the gop, i mean, with serious, beautiful hair. rick perry and mitt romney. you can not get -- it's superman hair, is what it is. >> well, no kidding. you know, imagine being mitt romney and thinking you're going to cruise here. guys with average hair like tim pawlenty drop out of the race and then who comes along? rick perry. i mean, my goodness, that's a hair stylist's dream come true, right? >> juliet: he doesn't even look like he needs any product. so let me ask you this: what is your prediction if we go up between president obama and perry, since you think perry
8:27 am
trumps romney in the hair department? >> wow, yeah. you know, time will tell, but i'll say this: if it comes down to health care versus hair care, gosh, obama could be in trouble. >> juliet: peter funt, good to see you. thank you for joining us. >> here today, gone tomorrow. >> juliet: you sound like one of our stage managers. he usually makes those kind of jokes. >> he's a funny guy i bet. >> juliet: yes, he is. thanks very much. steve and brian? >> steve: thank you. >> brian: that was hilarious. >> steve: coming up -- >> brian: coming up next, talk about a generation gap, you say amazon and others think river. but they think on-line shopping site for the -- more from the brains of the class of 2015. who is afraid of the big bad shark? not this kid. >> oh, yeah.
8:28 am
oh, yeah, daddy! that's a big boy! >> steve: oh, daddy. the father, the daddy himself, and the son operating the camera who reeled in the big fish join us live next half hour. >> brian: plus, actress making a royal return to tv as prince charles' wife camilla. first, she's on her way to the curvy couch. she's almost here. >> steve: did you see gps or jean ps? >> brian: gps. [ female announcer ] so you think your kids are getting enough vegetables? maybe not. v8 v-fusion juice gives them a full serving of vegetables plus a full serving of fruit. but it just tastes like fruit. [ male announcer ] get five dollars in money-saving coupons at [ announcer ] who could resist the call... of america's number-one puppy food brand?
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not really. [ female announcer ] only flood insurance covers floods. for a free brochure, call the number on your screen. >> brian: time for your shot of the morning. he's one of the biggest bad boys in basketball. he is still a good person. but as lebron james afraid of height? wow. look at him cowering in fear on a 35 high diving board in spain. you can hear the crowd rooting him on, but the nba all star stands there frozen. >> steve: come on! >> brian: after a few embarrassist embarrassing minutes, we show you james finally jumping in. >> juliet: like he's walking off a plank. >> steve: indeed. brian, you sale bonn james, but
8:33 am
to -- lebron james, but many refer to him as lbj. >> brian: that's strange. the next generation doesn't know lyndon b. johnson. >> steve: the mindset list looks at what the mindset is of the incoming class of 2005. for most of them, when they think lbj, they don't think lyndon baines johnson, they think the guy who is afraid to jump off. >> juliet: when they think amazon, they don't think the river. they think amazon. >> brian: when you think arnold palmer, i think legendary golfer. they think? >> juliet: drink. >> steve: which is made of half lemonade and half ice tea. then for the class of 2015, there have always been at least two women on the supreme court and women have always commanded u.s. navy ships. one of the thing about the class of 2015, according to the study,
8:34 am
they swipe cards, not material. they don't swipe merchandise. >> juliet: they've always had cell phones. remember the days when we didn't have cell phones? >> brian: no. >> steve: remember when mobile phones were bolted into the car? >> juliet: i had one in my car. >> steve: it had a wire and you had an antenna on the outside of your car? >> brian: i used to have an antenna helmet and i still wear it today. >> steve: didn't al franken have that satellite dish. >> brian: did you mention him on our show? >> steve: i did. >> brian: what are you thinking? >> steve: meantime, we've got headlines for you on this wednesday. two-thirds of democrats and one half of republicans in congress not holding town hall meetings this month as they're off. that's because perhaps the congressional disapproval rate is 81%, according to a new fox news poll. that's not the case with arizona senator john mccain. he held a town hall meeting last night and reminded us about the importance of having them
8:35 am
yesterday at "fox & friends." >> i've been having town hall meetings and there is a poll that you showed on fox that 10% of the american people approve of congress. not one person in that poll has yet to come to my town hall meetings. i know you're out there. please come. >> steve: and they did, last night. he had a town hall where he got grilled about social security. >> juliet: vice president joe biden wrapping up his trip to asia, blasting rumors that he's calming fears in china. but yesterday he told troops, quote, i didn't come to explain a damn thing. the vice president had -- that little ad libbing there. >> steve: aflac duck. >> brian: one month after amy winehouse was found dead in an apartment, the results of the toxicology report are in.
8:36 am
turns out there were no illegal substances found in her body at the time of her death. her family says there was alcohol in her system, but has not determined if it played a role in her death. wait until october. we'll find out. >> steve: imagine looking at your child's summer reading list and seeing a book that includes gay sex. that's exactly what happened in williamston, new jersey. one of the becomes required for students as young as 11 years old includes graphic depictions of what i was just talking about. many parents were outraged by the selection and the school's superintendent has agreed to pull the book off the list. not sure why they were on the list in the first place. that's a look at your news and joining us right now is a very special guest. >> juliet: she's a designing woman who was recently played the corrupt governor on "hawaii 5-0". jean smart is back as royal camilla parker bowles.
8:37 am
watch. >> why must i have to prove? >> yes, you have, since our honeymoon, trying to -- >> good evening. >> please, don't interrupt. we're here to observe. >> steve: jean smart, who plays camilla joins us live on the curvy couch. good morning to you. >> brian: welcome to the show. >> thank you very much. >> brian: was that one of the first times you saw that back when you were watching that clip? >> just now? yes, we had a screening last night. that was the first time i had seen it. >> steve: how are you? >> i loved it. it was even better than i thought it was going to be. it looks gorgeous. it looks like an incredibly expensive film and i cried.
8:38 am
i felt stupid. she kept reaching over and patting my hand. >> steve: you play camilla. there has been a lot of camilla bashing over the last couple of years. do you think people are warming up to her? >> absolutely they are. and that's one of the reasons that i like this script was that -- or this role was that it treated her, i thought, very kindly because she has been, i think, unfairly attacked, especially in the british media. but i think that's really gone away, especially since she and charles got married. i think they all see that these two people really should have been together the whole time. >> steve: from the get-go. >> it's really kind of romantic, except it's tragic. it was tragic all around. i mean, she and charles, camilla and charles fell in love over 40 years ago and then when they broke up temporarily, she married somebody else, got divorced and that was it. that sealed their doom. he couldn't marry her. they had been in love ever
8:39 am
since. >> juliet: whenever you talk about the royals, typically the two guys on the couch are like oh, the royals, women love it. i'm obsessed with all that kind of stuff. were you into the royals? did you follow it like i do? >> no, no. it was interesting, i was surprised at how people were enthusiastic about the new wedding. the recent wedding. >> steve: kate. >> juliet: i love her. >> she seems like a very cool, classy girl. and my friend is a school teacher and she says she came to class one morning and all the kids said, so what did you think of the wedding? she said, what wedding? they went oh, the wedding! they were high school kids. that's amazing. >> brian: they came out and played polo on the west coast about a month ago and it was a huge scene. >> they are rock stars now. i think it's great because i think they're great role models and also very much in love and know each other very, very well.
8:40 am
they've been together a long time. >> brian: have you had a chance to meet camilla? >> no. >> steve: any of the royals? >> no. >> brian: do you want us to introduce you? >> steve: come on out! [ laughter ] >> brian: she's shy. >> steve: you just did something, since you are playing camilla, do you have the windsor wave? >> i don't get to do it on the show. >> juliet: she doesn't really get out in the press that much. how did you study her? >> that was very hard because i didn't have a lot of time and also there is nothing. i was on the internet and i was looking for everything. i think she was kind of camera shy maybe naturally, but also she became more so because she was made fun of so much. >> steve: in the movie, do you wear those crazy hats? >> i do get one hat. >> steve: is it gigantic? >> polka dot feathers on it, which i asked them to remove. but i did finally -- my husband finally -- there it is -- a
8:41 am
speech so i could hear her speaking to a group of reporters. but the only thing i found of her on camera speaking was -- it sort of told me a lot. where she and charles announced their engagement and they come out to meet all the reporters and this one reporter said, did he get down on one knee? she looked at him like, are you crazy? 40 years! she kind of looked at him and laughed and went, she goes, of course. then she laughed. >> brian: we're going to watch this, whether you like it or not, on the hallmark channel at 9:00 o'clock on saturday. is that okay? >> yes, 9:00 o'clock eastern and pacific. i got to tell you really quickly is that watching it last night, and i'm a good audience, is that you can compare this to any romantic comedy you paid $10 to go see in the theater. you will laugh and cry more and you will believe these two people, you will route for them
8:42 am
from the moment they meet. you will route for them like crazy. it's incredibly -- >> juliet: that's tough. 'cause i'm team diana. >> steve: it's a smart movie because jean smart is in it. thank you very much for joining us. >> thank you. >> juliet: coming up. >> brian: there has been a lot of focus on the national unemployment rate. but our next guest says that is not how people will vote in 2012. he's a doctor. he's larry. he's sabitow and he takes out his crystal ball to explain and this ain't no fish story is the other one. >> oh, yeah, daddy! >> juliet: i bagged and tweeted for them to book this kid and they did. father and son who reeled in the shark as big as their kayak. live in the studio. come on in, oh, yeah! >> steve: they need a bigger kayak. [ male announcer ] how can power consumption in china,
8:43 am
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let nothing stand in your way. learn more at >> brian: did you see the time? quick headlines, the american civil liberties union suing newark, new jersey demanding to know exactly what the city plans to do with facebook founder's $100 million gift to the school system. details about how the money will be spent have not been released yet. and so much for budget cuts. dozens of united nations staffers getting major pay raises months after secretary general said the agency was in a financial crisis. the u.n. says it will cut jobs to help make up some of the extra cash. makes no sense. >> steve: dollars and cents. we all know the economy will play an important part in deciding the 2012 presidential election. and with the national unemployment rate right there at
8:47 am
9.1% currently, the president's bid for a second term is already on shaky ground. but our next guest says voters will have more local focus depending upon what state they're based in. dr. larry sabitow is the director of the university of virginia's center for politics and joins us live from charlottesville, virginia. speaking of shaky ground, you were 30 miles away from the epicenter yesterday. you live in one of thomas jefferson's 180-year-old houses. you had some damage, didn't you? >> i did. the earth moved under my feet and i was all shook up and all those other songs. it was intense. i rarely heard something that loud. >> steve: we're glad that there was not more damage. let's talk about political damage that the president is suffering. when you look at the unemployment rate currently in toss-up states like nevada and florida and iowa, new hampshire, and virginia, and ohio, this is not good news for the president.
8:48 am
>> no. there is some swing states where i think it's really going to make a difference. for example, nevada, which has the worst unemployment rate in the country. that's 12%. it's really close to 13%. florida, a point and a half above the national average. some states have it lower. iowa, swing state, 6%. new hampshire, 5.2%. so the key point here, steve, is that basically we don't have a national election for president. we have an electoral college and a state by state election. so that's less important than the state race. >> steve: for instance, you look at michigan, which is a state that has leaned historically democrat, their unemployment rate is high. over the national average. what does that say for the president? >> again, it's a perfect opportunity for republican candidate to go in and use the jobs issue to overcome the partisan leanings of michigan, which tend to be democratic.
8:49 am
we mentioned nevada earlier. obama carried nevada easily in 2008. but look, there is a reason why mitt romney is launching his jobs program in early september in nevada. it's a perfect opportunity to use that nonideological issue of jobs to overcome any partisan identification. >> steve: you look at the gallup poll that came out, it's the lowest in the president's history. once again, that's on a national level. not state by state. >> that's right. you have to look at the state by state ratings. there are other places, virginia, for example, has a 6% unemployment rate. that's well below the national average. you can expect obama to come into a swing state like virginia and say, hey, i deserve credit for this lower rate. so you're going to have campaigning on both sides based on the unemployment rates that exist state by state. forget about the national average. >> steve: all right. joining us today from the state of virginia, thank you very much, sir. >> thank you, steve.
8:50 am
>> steve: take a look at this. it's the catch of a lifetime. >> oh, yeah. oh, yeah, daddy! >> steve: that's the daddy right there, along with his son who reeled in a shark as big as their kayak. they're live in our studio. you hear from them next. right now let's reel in martha mccallum. >> i can't wait to talk to them. that was great video, great shark experience in that kayak. good morning, everyone. we've got a big show coming up this morning. we'll talk to the head of the rnc and to dana perino and dependent the latest buzz on marco rubio and jeb bush. we'll talk about that this morning. and some rough new poll numbers for the president, raising new questions at the white house. doug schoen will weigh in on that. we have the latest track for hurricane irene, which is looking more and more formidable. that comes up at the top of the hour. see you then. you happen to have any brilliant silver altimas?
8:51 am
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8:54 am
>> juliet: kind of like a scene out of a movie. kevin stevens and his nine-year-old son, hunter, were out last saturday for a day of shark fishing. just as they were about to head in, something big. >> oh, yeah. oh, yeah, daddy! >> there is a shark. >> that's a big boy. huh, mama? >> steve: that is a seven foot black tipped shark, almost the size of their kayak. but hunter wasn't scared. he was working the camera. kevin and hunter are here live on the curvy couch. good morning, both of you. >> glad you're letting us here. >> steve: we saw this video yesterday. we had to have you on. you caught the fish and then you went for what you call a texas sleigh ride. what is that? >> that's what they call it in texas. it's when we catch a big fish, particularly sharks, we release the anchor and off it pulls us
8:55 am
around the gulf to wear it out. >> juliet: were you scared, hunter? >> a little. >> juliet: but then after a while, the shark looks like he kind of floated over and was like, take me. >> i made sure he was tired for safety reasons because to get -- a big shark close to the kayak has risk involved. >> steve: well, yeah! i know you're in a kayak, but weren't you afraid at any point that the shark -- that shark has big teeth. >> i've done it so much and i've caught so many sharks and been on the water my entire life, i wasn't afraid. >> steve: didn't you get smacked in the face at one point? >> he smacked the paddle and the paddle smacked him and threw water over the top of us. that was quite exciting. >> juliet: what do you want to do when you grow up? i could see you being a comedian? >> i want to be a marine biologist. >> juliet: oh, okay. >> juliet: you're studying now, obviously. >> yes, ma'am. >> steve: so your honor able to reel that in. how much did that think weigh? >> i don't know about the weight, but a couple hundred pounds probably.
8:56 am
>> juliet: your little sister is here. we have to give her some face time. sit with me. you proud of your brother? >> yes. >> juliet: okay. thank you. >> steve: so i would imagine since it was no big deal, you're ready to go out this weekend and try tolas dso another fish, right? >> actually we'll be out there saturday. >> steve: that's fantastic. hunter and kevin, stay with us. more with the shark hunter and his dad in just a moment. you're watching "fox & friends." and that's hannah. my whole body hurt. it was an ongoing, deep pain. i didn't understand it. i found out that connected to our muscles are nerves that send messages through the body. my doctor diagnosed it asibromyalgia -- thought to be the result of overactive nerves that cause chronic, widespread pain. lyrica is believed to calm these nerves. i learned lyrica n provide significant relief from fibromyalgia pain. and less pain means, i can feel better and do more of what matters.
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then i found lyrica a vacation on a budget with expedia. make it work. booking a flight by itself is an uh-oh. see if we can "stitch" together a better deal. that's a hint, antoine. ooh! see what anandra did? booking your flight and hotel at the same time gets you prices hotels and airlines won't let expedia show separately. book it. major wow factor! where you book matters. expedia. >> steve: all right. coming up in the after the show show, we'll hear from the shark hunter's mother as we hear hunter talking about huh, mama? mama and daddy will be on the after the show show. >> brian: who have you booked for tomorrow? >> juliet: i booked karl rove personally. michelle malkin. >> brian: good job. >> steve: what a show. we'll see you tomorrow. in the meantime v a great

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